Hello & welcome to my ‘in-progress’ book site, about my ‘in-progress’ book, Artificial Intelligence & Analytics on AWS“.

This book will benefit CXO’s, Cloud Architects & Developers, Data Professionals & Analysts, and both Data Scientists & “Citizen Data Scientists” alike.

The short primary “sticky” video above explains
what the book is about & what you will benefit from reading it. 

Me being interviewed on “Bright Ideas TV” about this book!

Please refer to the primary video at the top left of this page to hear why I’m writing this book and how it can help you – whether you’re a CTO, CIO or other CXO-level executive, a Cloud Architect or Developer, or anyone literally touching company data – quickly learn how to implement artificial intelligence (AI) & machine learning (ML) to your apps & business processes.

You’ll learn about the many advanced Services AWS has for advanced analytics, what each does best, and how to choose among them. The book includes ‘Quick Reference Tables’ on all AWS ‘Service Categories’ to help you know which one to use for different use cases. You’ll also learn by example from complete reference architectures for a variety of advanced analytics that can be built today, including in-production architectures from major corporate contributors including FINRA & The Financial Times.

Each week, there will be a new video on the top right of this page, either discussing what I’m currently writing about or being an interview with a participating company or expert contributors in the book.

Please join us in the journey of writing what will be the benchmark book on Artificial Intelligence & Analytics on AWS!

Comments, suggestions, and requests are welcome (coming soon)!

Below are placeholder videos that soon will be replaced with archived weekly videos, interviews, and free presentations related to the book’s content.

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